Khory Bannefin (khorybannefin) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Khory Bannefin

switched from Large Diva to Large Yuuki


I've been a cup user for about 2 years, I started with a small diva, switched to a large diva and then a couple months ago bought the large yuuki cup. I posted about my excitement to receive and anticipation at trying the new cup in hopes that it could solve my slightly annoying leakage problems and overall improve my cup experience.

Don't get me wrong ... my diva was loads better than any tampon or pad I've ever used, however... finding the cup that is actually right for you is such an improved difference. Before with my diva my heavy days were difficult, I was guaranteed to leak at least once and I felt like I was 13 again getting used to having a cycle. I'd have to wear my "period panties" due to what I thought was "residual slobber" and in actuality was really just slight leaking constantly.

This yuuki? Perfectly comfortable, much squishier and I don't leak! The "residual slobber" is easily managed now and no threat to my undies. Getting used to the new cup was a bit of a learning curve since I'd developed habits for the diva that just don't work on the yuuki (like inserting, opening and then pushing on the thicker base of the diva to help work it into place).

In general I'm much happier with my yuuki than I was with my diva... it's now my "backup" cup and I couldn't be more pleased that I switched.
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