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Hello Ladies!

I am very new to this community and I am happy to say I have been a diva cup user for 2 years now. I was hoping to get some opinions on a new cup? My stats are as  follows: 21, 5 ft 5inc, 135lbs, sexually active, no children. I love my divacup dearly but i have found it does irritate me a bit being so long with the stem. I would like some colour to my cup as the diva is bland. I am a firm beliver in cups!

I found the divacup via the lunapads website a few years ago and that sent me to research them heavily. I finaly went out and bought one from a local health food store. I was a little unsure about it but, after a few dry runs it changed my whole out look on my cycle. Coincidentally i was looking into the new birth control pills that allow you to only have 4 cycles a year. I am so glad I came accross the cups when i did. I cant even fathom subjecting my self to that now. The cups have allowed me freedom from dangerous disposables and opened up a more adventurous side of myself. Camping/hunting(yes i am a bowhunter, please do not judge me) remote areas are easier and safer for me as I no longer have to haul my trash with me. I love that my choice is better for my health as well as the earth's as the stats are staggering, millions of disposable products being thrown away year. In recent years I have made a lot of greener choices, from buying locally grown fruits veggies, to driving less and harvesting my own organic meats. All of you ladies who have made the switch should take a moment and congratulate your selves for committing to a greener planet.


Tags: brand comparisons, divacup, environmental impact, health benefits

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