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I think need a 2nd cup...

I've currently got a large Lunette Selene, and I (mostly) love it. Primarily because I can sleep 12 hours with it in even on my heavy days. ^_^

It's probably about 6 cycles since I started using it, and last cycle I began to notice really sharp bladder/abdominal pains on insertion and removal. This cycle, it's the same, but they don't go away once the cup is in. I can feel it popping out (which I wasn't able to at first) and the suction is excruciating. I of course, do some adjusting to remove the suction, but the pain still remains.

I've been wanting to get a smaller cup for cycle days 3+, just because it would be cool and a smaller capacity one would be practical (and I was looking forward to the Diane, but it's a bit too glo-stik for me!), but now I'm thinking I really need something narrower and squishier, perhaps with a less stiff rim? So, any suggestions about what to look for in my 2nd cup would be really appreciated. (I'm in Australia, and more than happy to buy from overseas if the store will post here. =) I don't want anything from Keeper because they fail at good

In the meantime, I'm desperate for any advice on what I can do to stop the pain right now. Day 3 starts tomorrow, but I have to use the cup as I don't have any disposable backups (and no money to buy them). I'm coping with the pain because I have endo and I've got much worse pain to contend with, but I really don't need the added ouchies from my beloved Lunette. =( It's not leaking at all and there's been no other problems. I've tried different folds and I'm definitely making sure it's in far enough but not too far, I'm easing the suction, inserting/removing in the most comfortable position.....I don't know what I'm doing wrong!!! (if it matters, I'm 24, never been pregnant) And I haven't noticed any other changes in my body in the past 6 cycles that would explain the difference. Maybe it was just beginner's luck, and I have to re-learn properly?
Tags: buying decisions, insertion - painful or problems, lunette selene, seal & suction

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