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New trick!

I have been lurking here for about a month, but under a different username (there are people in my family who regularly check out my friends page for my other journal, and I'm not sure I'm ready for them to read about vaginas and periods as they have their morning coffee at work) and have had so many of my questions answered!

I'm 24 and not a virgin, but have not had any children.  I finally decided to buy a small pink Lady cup for my first cup.  I am on day 2 of my first cycle with it, and so far it is wonderful!  I am so relieved to not be contributing to the landfills quite as much anymore (I have used tampons for the last 11 years, and pads for 3 years before that, and I am always struck by how much stinkin' packaging there is!) and am really excited about being able to save money.  I hated feeling forced to spend $12ish a month simply because I am a healthy woman (and have been since age 10. yikes.) I'm so thankful that I read so many posts in this community before buying and trying it out.  I'm certain that it saved me a lot of time and frustration.  So far I'm not having any trouble with insertion (punch down fold!) and I'm getting the hang of removal.

I have read a lot of different ways of cleaning the cup.  I plan on boiling after each cycle (I boiled before this one, as well), but I'm a bit confused about what's best for my twice a day cleanings at the sink during use.  I saw in a recent post that many ladies just rinse or wipe it out, but I am worried about smells/staining.We have hand soap in the bathroom, but it is always scented and antibacterial.  What about baby shampoo (Johnson's no tears, the yellow-y orange stuff)?  I've got that around because I use it as an eye makeup remover.  If the best (cheap) thing is unscented, non-antibacterial hand soap, can anyone recommend a specific brand/type?  I'm in California. 

As for the new trick mentioned in the subject, I discovered tonight that if you drop your Lady cup on the tile floor while you're cleaning it, it bounces quite well right back up into your hand.  New party trick!  Ta-da!
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