kaledrina672 (kaledrina672) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Thank you!

I joined LJ just to post here because I absolutely had to tell you all how much help this community was. I had heard of cups before but wasn't sure about them. I didn't realize how many options there were. I spent hours going over all the information here (I'm the type of person that has to have ALL information about EVERYTHING before making a decision). It was so helpful. I finally settled on a large Lunette. I think I would have totally hated it if I hadn't had the tips and tricks here for getting it in and situated right. Once I got it though, I got it. I've had it 3 days and I'm totally hooked. I also convinced a friend of mine to get one (she actually ended up getting hers before me because I was still deciding!) I might get a small Selene or the new green one when they're FDA approved, just for lighter days when I want something a little smaller and softer.  I find myself now wanting to share with everyone, my boyfriend has learned more about periods and cups and tampons and pads this week than he ever wanted to know. I wish I had more friends who would be receptive to hearing about these, and I might tell the friends I have anyway.

Again, just thank you for all the information. It's really really helpful and you've got another convert!
Tags: success stories

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