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Traveling to Morroco/ a BIGGER cup for a teen?

Hello, I am a 17-year-old virgin who has used a small lunette Selene for just under a year. I know how to use my cup successfully, but in one week, I will go to Morocco for 10 days. My period is due to start and end during the trip.

I plan to bring Natracare wipes, paper towels/toilet paper and a spray bottle for cleaning. I've read this community a lot, especially before I started using a cup. Here's my detailed plan for cleaning, if anyone is interested:

<lj-cut text="Travel Cleaning Plan, Questions and Quest for a bigger teen cup">
Pre-trip: Normally, I have long nails, which makes removal harder (and messier), in public places/general. I'm going to cut my nails. Cup wise, I'm going to boil it and wash my carrying bag


Morning: Insert in the morning. Clean using drinking water placed in a squirt bottle. (To be discreet, I'll just get the water for my squirt bottle from my regular water bottle.)  Dry with paper towel. (I only rinse with water normally.) Because I'm a heavy bleeder, I plan to wear a back-up super pad. I think it would just be easier to bleed through and empty again at night, that way I don't have to be paranoid about leaking. I did this last year for a similar trip with the same leader, but I used tampons/pads and it worked fine even so. I know that bathrooms will be hard to come by (and were hard to come by last year).
If I had to empty my cup outside of the hotel, I would:
1. Wash my hands with either hand sanitizer or wipes
2. Take out cup, trying not to spill. (I'm not sure if they'll be squat toilets or regular, either way the sewage system sucks, so I can't put toilet paper down the drain.
3. Wash cup with water/paper towel or water/paper towel/organic wipe combo. Wipe my hands with the wipe.
4. If pad needs to be changed and there's no trash. Pack pad/wipe/paper towel in Ziploc bag and dispose of at hotel.
5. Evening: Dispose of any Ziploc bags I have.
 I know it doesn't sound like it, but I'm not obsessed with cleaning (or that I need any advice), but I am obsessed with making sure the holes aren't blocked between insertations. I've had trouble cleaning the holes in public before. I ended up just rinsing in the sink. I'm scared that if the holes are blocked, my cup won't seal correctly causing leaks. For me this would be terrible. I have to use an organic pad for back up because I usually overfill my cup in 8-12 hours on the first day. Speaking of this, I think this is pretty ridiculous. I'm going to try to monitor my flow within the next 3 cycles to see how much I actually bleed.

I'm considering buying a new cup just for my heavy days. I love my lunette. I like the softness and ease of cleaning. I like the flat stem and how it doesn't bother me. The only problem is it overflows easily on my first day. I know teens are usually obsessed with getting the smallest cup possible, but I'd like to be bold and say I could use a larger cup. Here's my data:

I bleed more than the capacity of the small lunette within 10 hours on my first day.
I've only experience slight discomfort using the cup. This usually has to do with how the cup feels internally during use. For example, the first couple of months I could feel my cup pressing on my bladder a lot. Through wearing the cup for a couple months, the feeling has completely gone away.

My cervix position changes a lot. Some days I have about 1 cm or more between the unchopped stem and the entrance of my vagina. Other days, the stem is protruding, about half a cm or to the first ridge mark on the stem out of my vagina. (I'm thinking of cutting the stem when I get back from Morocco.) During the last days of my period, my vaginal muscles are tighter and the lunette will be harder to insert. But nothing I can't handle. Once I get the majority of the cup through the opening, I can insert it easily. I think the small lunette is about the right size for me, but I'd like the capacity to be higher.

So here are my questions:

1. Is there a cup similar to the size/softness of the small lunette that is bigger in capacity? I'm not sure if I want a longer or wider cup. How do you determine if you want a larger or bigger cup? Cervix and vagina size? If so, how do you determine this?

Getting back to my trip, the sewage system is very fragile in morocco. This means that nothing can go in the toilet besides waste, even toilet paper. I usually don't leak that much blood when removing my cup, but I can't flush down toilet paper with it to prevent blood remaining in the bottom. I've flushed without toilet paper before and sometimes a lot of blood can remain in the toilet bowl. Most of the people going on the trip are female and I will be living with all-girls, should I be concerned about people reacting to the blood remaining in the toilet bowl? I plan to clean up after myself in the bathroom, but the blood would ultimately remain there. I know it sounds stupid, but it's high school

2. My blood gets thick sometimes. I'm not sure how powerful the tap with be or if my blood will block the sink. (My mom doesn't clean our drains often and last month my blood had trouble going down). How should I dispose of my blood? I know I could always pour my blood into a Ziploc with the paper towel/tissue I used, but it just seems so wasteful! I would rather use my Ziplocs/paper towels to clean myself or pack out stuff when I'm hiking in the mountains. I want to only carry on my luggage. The whole point of a cup is that you can pack lightly. I don't want to have to bring 20 Ziplocs or ridiculous amounts of cleaning supplies.

3. How do you clean the holes in a public restroom/without a tap? I think I remember someone mentioning using a dental device to clean the holes, but I don't want to enlarge the holes in anyway. Does anyone know what the dental device was?

Thanks for all your help! I really apreciate it! I don't post often. If anyone on here is a teen and needs advice, you can reply to this entry. I'm happy to help you!
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