happytree923 (happytree923) wrote in menstrual_cups,

My cup seems a lot more flexible than before, is this an issue?

I used my small diva cup for the first time last month, and it worked beautifully. I spent a lot of time lurking here before I bought my cup and when I was figuring out how to comfortably insert and remove it, so I'd like to thank all of you lovely people here for the help you gave me. I just rinsed my cup during my period and soaked it in diluted hydrogen peroxide for about 5 minutes after my period just to clean it, not to remove stains. I stored it in the little cloth bag it came with, and put the cloth bag in a cardboard box in my room. It's getting pretty close to my period this month, so I got my cup out just to check it. I noticed it was much softer and more flexible than it was last month, is this normal? Should I just wait to see if it leaks to make any judgments? Could this have been caused my the hydrogen peroxide?
Tags: cleaning

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