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Hi everyone,
I'm 21 and a virgin, and I just got a Diva a few days ago.  I've used it for two days now, but I'm still having a lot of trouble getting it in and out. 
For one thing, whenever I try to put it in it HURTS.  I'm using the C-fold, because I found that it's the easiest for me to grip, but whenever I try to put it in, it feels like I'm just pushing really hard on the walls of my vagina.  Do you think I'm doing something wrong, or is it probably just because I'm not used to having anything bigger than a tampon up there?
I also have a little trouble checking to make sure it's sealed, because I have trouble fitting my finger up next to it.  It's like there are more folds of skin up there than I think there should be and I end up just poking myself.  Yesterday when I was trying to take it out, I was having trouble finding the stem--I could feel it, but there was a bunch of skin in between my finger and the stem that I couldn't find a way around.  Does that even make sense?

As a side note, I've been reading this board for about a month now (trying to decide if I wanted a cup, what kind to get, etc.), and I'm so impressed by how helpful and friendly you all are--thanks for all the support!
Tags: insertion, removal, teething troubles

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