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Ive been looking to make the switch to cups but am very unsure about sizing. im 20 married, with no children but am 4.11 and about 100 lbs and have a inverted something or another (not currently in the states, so sometimes its a little hard to understand ur gyn). im wanting to stay on the lower size of the options mostly because i tend to have issues with even tampons. ive been doing plenty of homework but am not sure if it would be better with getting a "teen" sized cup or just a small adult cup. also my cervix height varries so much during my periods that i think for now something that sits rather low may be better. how do you know if a certain size is too small? i know its a ton of questions that probably vary by each gal but even just a point in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.
*note i have looked at the table of cups. am just really unsure about which one to go with.
**brought to my attention. my flow is generally light to moderate on occasion heavy for a day or two. i just switched from yaz to orotho a few months ago so im still adjusting.
Tags: buying decisions, sizes/size issues
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