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new lunette model 2 compared with small mooncup uk

hello fellow cup users,
today i was lucky enough to get my new lunette model 2 in the mail, all the way from the UK (im in australia). i got if from a lovely lady on ebay for a little more than $30 Australian (bargain!).
for some time i have been weighing up whether to get another cup, especially now im coming closer to the borderline age for a larger model cup and sometimes my small mooncup uk just cant handle the amount of flow i can sometimes dish out (at times i am getting that bubbly full feeling within a hour of emptying my cup, to discover it was time to change again!).

anyways i thought i might take a few photos and comparison shots as it might come in handy to the community (hopefully) =)

in the wrapping
the pouch is actually a nice lime green colour in real life
mooncup uk (stem cut) with pouch and the lunette (stem intact)
lunette 3
up close...

on first feel the lunette is very stiff! much more so than the mooncup, even though it has more of a pronounced lip than the lunette. i was finding it hard to do the punchdown fold on the lunette because of the stiffness. any better folds any of you lovely ladies use on your lunettes that you find easier?
generally speaking the mooncup is super squishy (maybe its also its age?)...so hopefully the transition wont be too arduous!
also can i add - i cant believe how much i love cups, i can safely say i hardly notice im not on period while using cups. im truly thankful i stumbled upon this community all those years ago and took the plunge with buying a cup. i will NEVER go back! yay cups!
Tags: brand comparisons, lunette, mooncup (uk)

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