kendarooo (kendarooo) wrote in menstrual_cups,

cup on my cervix

Hi ladies,

I am a first time cup user, just got my small Lunette in the mail.  I have been a long time researcher on this forum, and am super excited to make this little cup work!!  You and your cup stories are all so inspiring :)

So I am lucky enough to be on my period and have been using the cup for about 24 hours ... but I just freaked myself out when I realized about 30 min after my last insertion that the edge of my cup was on, not around, my cervix.  If that is what has been happening all day, then that might explain the leakage and perhaps the extreme emotional mess I have been experiencing all day.  

Apparently my cervix has moved into a wierd hiding place back and up in there, and I don't know how to get my cup there without causing damage.  I have a Paraguard, and know that my uterus is short and just long enough to accommodate it, so am afraid that any trauma to my cervix could mess with my IUD placement.

I had been using a C fold, and had a hard time getting it to open, but it was when I tried a 7 fold that I noticed that the cup landed smack dab on the ol cervix.

Now I am kinda scared.  Ideas?
Tags: cervix position, insertion - painful or problems, iud

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