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Small Meluna removal problems

Hey Everyone,

I'm a new cup user. I used the Divacup last period and really liked it. The only problem was that it seemed like "too much cup" for me. My periods are very lght due to BC pills and there was very little in the cup except for my heaviest day. I could also feel the cup pretty much all the time, although it was not uncomfortable. I decided to purchase the tiniest cup on the market, a small meluna (orange with ball stem). I did not think there would be a problem, as I think my cervix is not high.

So, I had some spotting last night and decided to wear the cup to bed. Insertion was a little problematic, as the cup wanted to tilt in the angled part of the vaginal canal, but I got it past that and it opened fine. This morning the cup was very high, and I could just barely reach the ball. I could not really reach the rim to break suction, and I pulled on the ball to the point where it felt like it could break off. I got into an extreme squat and tried to bear down a lot. Eventually the combination of the squat, bearing down, and gently pulling on the ball got it out.

Now I am scared to use the meluna because it might get stuck inside me. Has anyone used the small before? Is it really possible to pull off the ball? Is there any way to prevent this in the future? Should I just use the Divacup for everything?

Tags: removal

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