bowdlerizer (bowdlerizer) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Getting very frustrated!

Hi there

Today is day 2 of my mooncup - the larger size as I am 35, sexually active but without having children. The probelm I am having is that it just sits so very low and I can't tell if the problem is me not getting it in the right spot or the cup being the wrong size.

Is it meant to sit in between the 'speed bumps' - the two bulges at the entrance of the vagina or behind them? I insert it to behind them, it pops open but within a few minutes it's sitting there at the entrance, poking out, and putting quite a lot of pressure on my bladder. The seal is working, I'm not leaking, its just sitting in the entrance instead of behind it.

Then when I wee it slides out almost halfway, so at present every time I go to the loo I am pressing down on the bulge coming out to break the seal and sliding it back in but I don't want to do that everytime I need to wee - particuarly as it's making me wee more anyway!

The really annoying thing is that this is the same problem I had with tampons - they just seem to work thier way most of the way out on thier own, which makes me want to wee by putting pressure on the bladder, and then as soon as I relax the muscles to wee the damn thing comes most of the way out. This is why I gave up on tampons altogether.

Do I need to insert it further to begin with? Should I look at the smaller mooncup? Is this just my body saying "yo, quit sticking things in me"?

I have tried inside out but that gave me one of those "yikes ow!" inside moments so I've been put off that particular fix.

Any thoughts?
Tags: first time use, mooncup (uk), sizes/size issues

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