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Menstrual cup and earthquake

First, I apologize because english isn’t my first lenguaje, just learnt it in school, so please be patient and try to understand me, I’ll do my best!

I’ve been a happy Ladycup user for about a year, wich I chose after reading this community (sooo helpful)

Well, 2 weeks ago in my city there was an 8.8° earthquake, with its consequences: tsunami, no light, water and gas and looting of the stores (drugstores, supermarkets, etc.). Thank God my house wasn’t damaged and in my family everybody was ok. The day after that my period arrived and I must say that the cup made my life a little easier: there was no chance of buying pads or tampons, all the stores were empty and closed and there was no water for washing anything (like a cloth pad or myself). Besides, we tried to generate minimun waste, as sanitary conditions were... unsanitary. Since I couldn’t flush the toilet, I emptied my cup in the backyard, in a hole in the grownd, so no waste! (I know it sounds crazy, I never thought I would have to do that). I only rinsed it when had water available and didn’t need much. In that moment I wish I had Lunette desinfecting wipes, they would had been very helpful. Also, using the cup made me feel clean when taking a shower wasn’t an option.

I wanted to share my experience with you, thanks for reading, bye!
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