Grace the Dazzling (gracetace) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Grace the Dazzling

Help, I am a newbie

I bought the divacup (size 1) and tried it for the first time this morning (this is my first try with any sort of menstrual cup). I am able to get it in just fine. I think it is sitting where it is supposed to--when I take it out, blood is only on the inside, not on the outside, no leaks yet. However, I can feel it, especially when I am standing or walking. Am I supposed to be able to feel the cup? It gives me a pinching sensation when I walk, not very comfortable at all. I also feel a little pressure--it feels like the cup is almost pushing on my abdomen. What am I doing wrong? I think it is sitting rather low in my vagina, very close to the entrance. Does it need to go further up?

Any advice would be appreciated.
Tags: first time use, insertion, insertion - painful or problems
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