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Yukki vs. Lunette

I'm a new cupper, and am still looking for my true comfort zone regarding a new approach to menstruation. I started off with a large Lunette (I'm 48 with 2 children) and found it to work pretty well. In all honesty, changing from tampons/pads to cups is such a liberating experience that I think I would have been happy with a Dixie cup! I had a few leakages, in the early AM hours of my heavy nights, and a couple of unpredictable overflows during heavy days. I found the last couple days of each cycle I had some symptoms of UTI that really turned out to be due to urethral irritation, probably due to the stiffness of the Lunette.

This last month I was able to use my new Yukki. The material of the cup is much more flexible. I especially notice this with the lip and at the base. So far I have none of the irritation I did with the Lunette. I have still had the overflows, though they have been fewer. I think I'm just going to have to have back up on during those heavy times.

So, my initial impression is that I'm liking the Yukki a bit better than the Lunette. I haven't had to trim the stem at all because it is so soft and flexible. I ordered it on ebay and it was shipped from Czeck and took quite a while to arrive, but price and condition were both good. Hope this review helps someone.
Tags: leakage & spotting, lunette, uti (urinary tract infection), yuuki
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