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First Cup-Cycle & Fleurcup Review!

I just finished my first cycle with my brand new Fleurcup and thought I would do a review and share my experiences, since mad150n asked for one

Background: I’m 18 years old, sexually active, no kids yet. Because of my heavy flow I decided to get the large size.
Why did I get a cup? Well, though I indeed felt comfortable with tampons (at least to the extend where you feel comfortable when sticking something inside of you to prevent menstrual blood leaking all over your clothes), I know that they are bad for the flora down there; also, I hate the strings, it just doesn’t feel right (my boyfriend always calls me a jumping-jack during those days XD). And I never was a fan of pads except if used for back-up; I don’t like feeling the warm blood run down onto the pad (if you’re lucky). But anyway, let’s get on with it:

Basically I didn’t have any time for dry-runs because my cup came exactly on the first day of my period – but whatever, lurking around here prepared me fairly well, I thought.

So after boiling my cup and rinsing it with cold water, I inserted it straight away and was surprised how comfortable it was!
I tried the punch-down-fold and 7-fold, but discovered that they wouldn’t pop open! So then I did the C-fold and had no problems with insertion, popping open and staying in place.
After 3 hours I went to check on everything, got it out by grabbing the stem and pulling till I could grab the base of the cup (the grip rings were very helpful!). I actually was a little concerned because I had absolutely no idea about the capacity, as I was always confident that I have a heavy flow (I filled a super tampon in about two ½ hours). So when I pulled the cup out, I laughed at how little fluid there was! It was not even ¼ full!

I then went to rinse it out with water; and one of the main reasons why I wanted to get a Fleurcup was actually that the holes are slightly bigger, so figured they would be easier to clean. Lucky me, my theory was true; I just filled the cup with water and squeezed it, which made the water push all the gooey stuff out of the holes. No inconvenience at all. I then dried it off with a towel and reinserted again.

Second check was about four hours later; again, lo leaks, no uncomfortable feeling, I felt like this was the best thing that happened to me in my whole life (apart from my boyfriend of course which had to be said in case I forget to close the internet again and he stumbles across this post, lol)
This time the cup was about ¼ full; I rinsed, reinserted and went to bed after that. I didn’t leak during the night and what mattered to me the most – I never had to worry about changing every eight hours like I had to with a tampon.

Day 2, however, didn’t go as smoothly as day 1. My cup leaked two times which I thought was odd, because I didn’t do anything different than before. After cleaning all the mess (I looked like I had slaughtered someone), I put in a tampon and wanted to leave it for tomorrow, but got uncomfortable with it, so I put the cup in for the night (was prepared with 2 extra blankets and a high absorbency pad).

After waking up, I was happy I hadn’t leaked during the night, but after checking I discovered that I surely would have; I had just started leaking when reached the bathroom. Since I had to go out after an hour or two, I decided to try those soft-tampons I came across a few weeks before. I don’t really like them, I always felt like I was leaking when I didn’t, but that could have been from not shoving it up high enough. I mainly used because they don’t have a string; I hate those strings on the normal tampons, they always get in the way!

Anyway, when I came home three hours later I decided to give Fleurcup another chance, put it in again and wiggled it in position. Six hours later I still had no leaks and was almost jubilant because I thought I had finally figured it out – when I discovered that I had stopped bleeding altogether! No wonder I didn’t leak  -___-
After rinsing it again, I couldn’t put it back in because I was too dry and just shoved another light-flow tampon up there (a normal one with a string that my gyno recommended; they contain some lactic acid bacteria which should support the vaginal flora or something like that. All I can say about them is that they are freaking pricey).

After waking up this morning I went to change the tampon, but it wasn’t even remotely full, so I’m back to pads for the day. I didn’t expect to stop bleeding after 2 ½ days, I think that may be my new NuvaRing that I just started using this cycle.
But does anyone have an idea what could have been causing leakage? I felt up there and the cup was fully popped; I’d even heard it pop open and there was suction. I thought maybe my NuvaRing could be the culprit? I tried shoving it further up there, but that didn’t work. Now, I don’t know if it’s possible, but could the ring have broken the seal?

Before I settled for the Fleurcup, I watched all of Melissa’s Videos and read her reviews on her blog, they were so helpful!

I live in Austria, so I didn’t have problems with shipping at all. In the package I found (in a plastic bag) the pouch, Fleurcup itself and a paper pamphlet in various languages.

I really like the cup itself, it kind of has a velvety texture in- and outside, really smooth, and as I said above, the holes are a little bigger and slanted (I hope you can see that on the photos).
Since my cervix is way up there, I had to wiggle it all the way up and basically had to rely on the grip rings of the stem and base for removal.
The stem itself is not hollow (which was something I was looking for because I figured that, again, it would be easier to clean) but didn’t poke me, so I had no problems with that at all.
This is my very first cup, so I didn’t have any other cups for comparison on stiffness and so on, but I found the material quite firm, which I liked because it made popping open (with the right fold) really easy.
The rim is kind of flared out; I had the impression that it adjusts well and bends into shape with the vaginal walls.

As for the pouch, Fleurcup comes with a black satin pouch that I found very pretty, only thing that bothered me was that I had so sew the sides again because they weren’t sewed very well and there were some strings sticking out.

I only used it for two days, but I’m already in love! There aren’t really any things that I didn’t like about it and I’m determined to solve my little leakage-problem next cycle! ^^

So this is the large version in pink:


I absolutely adore the pouch!


The slanted holes.

I don't know why it looks so big in this picture o.O When I opened the package, I thought it was really small (I was put right then when I actually tried inserting it - it's not too small at all, lol).

I hope this was helpful in any way!

Also, I would appreciate some answers on my leakage problem? Because I really don't have a clue what might have been wrong?


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