--- (ironicmustache) wrote in menstrual_cups,

any one have any inside information?

i planning on get a new, longer cup in the next month or so (currently have a small lady cup, which is kinda hard to use when my cervix shoots up at the end of my period). i would like to have it by MAY 22ND, as i am going on vacation at that time, and will get my period while on vacation.
i'm deciding between a yuuki and the new lunette diana. they seem to be pretty similar in size, and then only thing swaying my vote is that i like cute, colored cups.
i did some searching for the US release date for the diana, but have just seen that they're applying for approval and hope to get it "soon".
i was wondering if anyone has found a more concrete arrival date (maybe on facebook or something, which i dont use)?
if the diana will/might be out by may then i'll just wait to get the lunette, otherwise i'll just go ahead and get a yuuki.
Tags: lunette - limited edition, yuuki
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