Rachel Marie (residentrachel) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Rachel Marie

easy diy cloth pads

I was super into my diva for the first few years of it, and I have recently got to a point where I don't want to put that thing in me for my whole cycle (or even at all). I still use it occasionally, but for the comfort I tend towards cloth pads.
I though I would share because this was a huge help to me. I am really into DIY but never found the time to get fabric of make the patterns, and I can't afford cloth pads. Last cycle, I really just wanted something easy, so I took two tube socks (clean!) and cut them in half (or to appropriate length) and sewed up the ends. I have to say they were most comfortable! I thought I would spread the word for other poor lazies out there.
Hearts, happy cycles!
Tags: pads - cloth
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