1kl (1kl) wrote in menstrual_cups,

New user questions

 First, is it normal for there to be a lot of clear fluid in the cup?  I had assumed it would all just look like blood, but there is definitely a clear layer at the top.
Second, I can't insert the thing correctly, and it's really getting frustrating.  I can get it in and it feels like it makes a seal, but it won't turn and when I check it with my finger it seems to be smooshed flat.  I can also feel some pressure, and the stem shifts to the side as I'm wearing it.  My only guess is that maybe I aimed it up instead of back, but would that really cause that much of a problem?  
After putting it in and yanking it out four or five times and STILL not getting it right I think I need some help before I try again.
And it's a Diva cup if that matters.
Tags: insertion - painful or problems
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