cassandra1995 (cassandra1995) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Newbie! Wish me luck!

 Hi all!

So, I got my Meluna today.  I had a Keeper, but returned it.  Am hoping the Meluna will work for me (though I won't find out for sure till about 3/26).  I have vulva vestibuldynia, which means I have pain when there is pressure against my vulva area.  This makes many "female" things tricky for me, including menstrual cup use.  Getting things in and out is difficult.  I found the Keeper WAY TOO HARD, and the stem was a NIGHTMARE.  I just did a dry run with the medium Meluna ball stem.  I did not leave it in long at all.  Got it in, got panicked about getting it out, got it out.  The getting out part was tricky, but I think it could get better.  The good news is that it was super comfortable, not irritating to my vulva.  I'm still afraid I'll have problems, b/c of my condition, but I'm hopeful.

Any tips on being able to tell if your seal is good?  Is it just a matter of not having leaks?

Anyone else on here have vulva pain?

Tags: disabilities & health problems, dry run, first time use, meluna
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