to_the_moon_cup (to_the_moon_cup) wrote in menstrual_cups,

hemorrhoids and the moon cup

Hello, I have only been using my moon cup for a few of weeks now. I don't want to give it up, but am wondering if anyone else has developed hemorrhoids because of it's use? I have a retrograde uterus, aka tilted.

I have had an IUD for about a year and a half and the spotting and discharge is almost daily and has never stopped completely. I was told that this can happen with the Mirena and it's just how it is. The purpose for getting the IUD was due to extremely heavy periods that it seemed nothing would contain. The heavy periods have been gone, but the nusiance of daily spotting-type activity (sometimes just clearish-pink) remains. I felt that it wasn't healthy for me, the environment, or my wallet to keep the tampon industry alive the way that I have been. I also couldn't afford the natural cotton tampons any longer and had to get the least expensive ones.

I started researching menstrual cups and then saw one in a store and made my purchase of a moon cup while on vacation. Admittedly, I bought the wrong size by accident. I have not had children and I bought the A size. I had watched videos online of how to insert it and felt pretty ready to try it. I have had no leakage or noticeable problems from it. I have to use it everyday and sometimes at night, but I give my body a break if nothing much is happening.

Then suddenly to my dismay, I have developed hemorrhoids. I have never had such pain and discomfort. I don't hang out on the toilet. I have a good diet and take extra fiber and drink lots of water. I also do not bear down to get the moon cup out. I haven't had the need. I have really thought long and hard of anything possible that I could have done differently to cause the hemorrhoids and the moon cup is the only major change.

I would really appreciate any advice or information or just really any comment :) because I could really use it. Thanks!
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