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Hi guys! ^^ Just a quick update because my Fleurcup finally came today after waiting for a week (and in fact exactly on the first day of my period - really good timing)! I just boiled it and put it in, no problems with suction (I hope) and hopefully the day will end without leakage. Tried the C, punch down and seven fold, but sticked with C as it was easier to insert than the others and made my cup NOT pop open halfway ^^
The first time inserting I felt around up there and kind of thought "well, there's something wrong!", pulled it out again and promptly sprinkled the toilet door with blood... But anyway, I hope I'll get the hang of it soon (especially since I had no time for dry-runs)!
Man, I was never happier about getting my period, because not only can I use my cup from the first day, but I could also insert my very first NuvaRing, so yay to that.

Oh, and I forgot to ask: I bought the large one, but when I had ripped the package open and held it in hands, I was actually surprised how small it seemed (was then surprised again when I inserted it, because it's absolutely not too small). Anyone else felt like that?
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