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In my quest to own every cup in my size range, I have ordered myself a green, ball stemmed Meluna.
When I first started using cups, I went for capacity over comfort. An uncomfortable cup still felt better than any tampon. But now it's changed. Happen to anyone else? I care now about comfort. I just really like the way the medium is sized. But sometimes, I wonder just how wide you could make a cup? I, having a short canal, think it's too bad capacity is generally lost the shorter the cup is.
So my next question is: What are your size tolerances? I find a 50mm Femmecup is just fine, & a 52mm large Lunette I will feel resting just too low when I walk, though tolerable for a day. And the 53mm LadyCup is actually less noticeable. I prefer the 47 mm small Lunette & 46mm small LadyCup length the most.
I have noticed the small LadyCup & Lunette at 40 & 41mm wide, respectively, will release a heavy "slobber" if I jog or wear on my heavy day, and leaked once lying down. I have not tried any cups in the 42-44mm wide range yet. Yuuki's are spendy. But someday. No cup 45mm wide or over has ever leaked on me.
Tags: meluna, sizes/size issues

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