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Cheaper cups??

Hi everyone,

I have been trying to convert a friend of mine to using a menstrual cup for ages now and last night we again had a chat about it and she seemed a lot more open than she used to be. Her birthday is coming up and I jokingly threatened to buy her one for her birthday and she actually said I should.... so... I'm now trying to find one within my price range. I use the Diva size 2 (but also have size 1) and I showed her them both and she was freaked out by how large they are. She said it took her ages to even use tampons and she only uses slim mini's and finds anything larger is really uncomfortable. I believe the lunette is the most slim menstrual cup available, so I was thinking of buying her that but I just had a look and they retail at $50! I just really can't afford that much as I was also hoping to have some money left over to buy her a cloth pad or two as well. I bought my second Diva from iherb at a considerable discount and I am hoping that someone might know of a place where I can buy the Lunette at a lower price?? Iherb doesnt carry Lunette and I'm not having much luck finding somewhere else that does other than direct from Lunette themselves.

If anyone has any suggestions it'd be awesome. By the way I'm in Australia so the Lunette is $50 aussie dollars in case you're thinking I've got the price wrong!
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