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Blood & Plants?

I was just really curious about something the past few days, as my period should be here any day now.  Well, this doesn't have to do 100% with cups per se, but I guess it could be kind of cup related.  I have a small indoor palm tree from Ikea and I've been thinking about using my menstrual blood and dumping it in with the soil.  Is this okay for my plant and do I have to dilute the blood before I feed the palm?  Also, I was wondering how bad the smell is, because the plant sits in my kitchen, and I'm sure my mom and brother would not appreciate the smell of blood radiating in the kitchen.  If it does smell, does diluting help?   OH!  And  I have a cat (neutered) and he is sometimes inside depending on the weather.  I'm afraid he'll become fascinated with the palm tree.  He's never been into the plant before, so I dout he'll start now, but I just don't want to ttake any chances.  Any tips to keep pets away?  I heard something about cayenne pepper...does cayenne pepper sauce work?  I never really heard of the idea of fertilizing plants with blood until after I heard about cups.  (I think a few ladies here do it, but the tag on the side doesn't like me right now)  I was fascinated by the idea and am all for giving it a try, so if someone can tell me how to go about this, I'd greatly appreciate it.  Thanks and have an awesome day!!


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