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New Cup Brand! SheCup!

India's new menstrual cup brand is called SheCup!  Just posting the link for everyone, so we can all go check it out!  For now that's all I know, but thank you to Laura from EasyCup for the information via Facebook!  :) 

EDIT:  I just got a reply back from the company.  They say for now, SheCup only comes in one size and is offered in a light pink color.  The capacity up to the air holes is appx. 16 ml.  To the rim its appx. 28 ml. The stem is short rounded knob and the holes are located under the second rim. 

The pouch is made of pure un-dyed Khadi, for "keeping the product eco-friendly and also supporting the social cause of cottage industries."  The company also offers sterilizing soap strips for cleaning.

Drat!  Forgot to ask about size measurement, but Teresa listed some of that in comments below.  I'm supposed to be getting one of these cups soon, so I will offer up plenty of photos when/if I do.  Plus the usual review and video :)  -- Hugs everyone!


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