fat moss (fauncheeks) wrote in menstrual_cups,
fat moss

 After three cycles and much practicing i finally mastered the Divacup! It's working perfectly for me, no leaks, discomfort or problems removing. I also used it for the first time at school and it was incredibly easy. I wish I had known about them sooner. No more do I have to carry around bundles of tampons with me, feeling wasteful and grumpy all the while. Thanks to the people who answered my questions on my first post. Your advice helped greatly. 

My next purchase will prolly be some reusable pads. Im not really sure what type to buy, I was thinking about getting them on etsy. I also don't want really expensive ones though. If anyone has any suggestions i would appreciate it.

But basically i just wanted to express how wonderful menstrual cups are! If they haven't worked for you yet don't give up, the wait is worth it. 
Tags: success stories

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