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My Meluna is here! + Surprise!

So after a lot of thought and research I finally ordered a medium purple ball Meluna. It was shipped on a Monday and I just got it on Wednesday (only 9 days from Germany to Wisconsin!). I was so excited when I saw the package in my mailbox I ran all the way back to my house! I opened the package right away and peeked into it. Imagine my surprise when I see a red ball cup sitting there. I was so disappointed! I reached in and pulled it out. As soon as I got it out I saw my purple cup laying underneath it. Surprised I took a better look at the red one and saw that it had "promo" with a smiley face written across the plastic zip lock bag. They sent me a free large ball Meluna! This totally made my day! I love this company! The only imperfection I could find in the "promo" cup was that there was a small slit on each side of the ball (like it had gotten pinched in something). That doesn't bother me at all, it's barely even noticeable!

I did a dry run with the medium purple Meluna right away. Everything went very smoothly. I used the punch down fold with it and it opened up right away for me and I was able to remove it with out a problem. I wore it off and on for two days without a problem (minus one incident where I accidentally dropped it in the toilet).
Today is my first dry run using the large red Meluna. I had to work a little harder to get that one to open up in me for some reason. The punch down fold didn't work, I ended up getting it open using the C fold and "stirring" around for a while. I can feel this cup. Maybe it's the prominent grip rings on the bottom, or maybe I'm just not long enough for it. Either way it's not uncomfortable, I can just tell it's there. Maybe it will get better with some practice.

Anyways, I just wanted to share my excitement with you guys! Sorry this is so long!
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