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Newbie, attempting the Diva cup--how do i get the pain to go away?

I bought my cup back in June; I did my research, listened to my f-list, the whole works.Given that, at the time, I was a 20 year old who was a virgin to penetrative sex, I knew that the Diva cup wasn't necessarily the best fit for me, but it was the cheapest and available in my area.  I made certain I knew how to insert it before my period started.

And then my period hit.

Folks, I comprehend that I failed at something here, but gods only knows what it was. I had a problem getting the cup to suction the first time, which resulted in leakage. (It was also uncomfortable.) I also had problems getting it out. The second time, it suctioned to my labia when I tried to pull it out, and wasn't that fun? Third time, it tried suctioning as soon as it was inside (which hurt like hell) and then tried suctioning when I pulled it back out.

It's been sitting in its bag since July; every once in a while, I glance its way and then decide it's really not worth the pain again.

I really, really want to like the cup. I've used applicator-less tampons for years and they're about the only thing I can tolerate on my period. But when it deigns to show, my period's starting to be too heavy for that to be an option (again), and I want to switch. But I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.

I'm editing this to add: the other reason why I'm attempting despite my general failure at using this cup is because I technically have a diagnosis of PCOS and, as I said, when my period actually appears, it's heavy and painful.

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