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I got a large LadyCup LOTOS today and I of course had to try a dry run.  I am glad I got a large, as my cervix is waaaay up there, though I know it drops during my period, but it is still usually pretty up there.  I am 39, and have had two kids vaginally, but I work those kegels!

Anyway, so about the dry run.  I used a 7-fold/C-fold and Astroglide.  Insertion went pretty easily, but how can you tell if the cup has opened?  I tried running my finger around the bottom of the cup, and I just can't really tell.  I tried spinning it, and again, I don't think I did (the stem is very soft and twists very easily so I wasn't sure if things were spinning or if the stem was just twisting).

And how on earth do you get this out in a public bathroom?  I really had to bear down to push the cup to a level were I could even reach the stem. I was squatting and ended up peeing on my hand (even though I had just emptied my bladder) and I couldn't bear down enough while sitting on the toilet.   I know my cervix drops during my period, but I still think I will need to do some serious bearing down to get to the stem.  Once I got hold of the cup it wasn't too difficult to pull out, though it wasn't easy and I had to pull pretty hard, and right before it came out completely I heard a "pop".  I'm not sure if that was it finally opening or if it was the suction releasing.  I was really digging deep to get the cup out.  When it was in, I didn't even notice it, stem and all so at least that was good.

Oh, and one more thing. Am I the only one who thinks these cups look so huge outside and then when you try to get it out it seems so *small*? LOL

Thanks for any help.


ETA: My cervix is so high right now, I can barely touch it with my middle finger pushed as far as it can go in, and it points off to the right and slightly backwards. I guess this is good to know O_o
Tags: cervix position, dry run, first time use, insertion, lady cup, popping open, removal

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