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Got my Yuuki in the mail!!!

Hello All!

Finally got my Yuuki cup in the mail after 15 days! (Yes, I was counting). I'm so happy. I watched the postman come and then ran out to meet her before she could even put everything in the mailbox.

I took some pics to compare the (large) yuuki's capacity to my large lunette (figured I didn't need other size comparison shots since other ladies have posted those already). I did it the way Melissa L. does on her youtube videos. I poured water in up to the holes of the lunette, then poured that same amount into the yuuki.

I'd say the yuuki holds quite a bit more before it goes to the holes. Unfortunately, I have nothing to use to measure how many mls that is. Sorry!

The yuuki is made of considerably more flexible silicone than the lunette. I was only able to do a few folds from Melissa L's youtube video of folds (the one she did with the lunette selene) with my large lunette, but the large Yuuki can do all of them. I anticipate that maybe it will be slightly harder to open because of that, but I'll have to wait until my next period to try it out and see.

The stem of the yuuki is hollow, but it's SUPER flexible. I can even pull down on it, and it stretches slightly.  I had to cut off the stem of my lunette because my cup sits at a slight angle (guess i'm shaped a little funny?), so no matter what, the stem would poke the right side of my vaginal walls. That meant that I'd have to find a stem that wouldn't hurt me if it was bent on edge. Well, I haven't tried it out yet, but I don't think the yuuki stem will hurt me if that happens. Again, I'll have to wait until next cycle to see.

Anyway, here are some pics:

(1) A picture of the size of the container

(2) The lunette filled to the holes with water

(3) The yuuki filled with the water from the lunette

Just a shot to show you how big the container is.

The lunette filled to the holes with water.

The yuuki filled with water from the lunette

I never thought I'd say this, but I'm excited for my next period!!!

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