ydnac1973 (ydnac1973) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Cramps with Instead

Hello, I've just discovered the world of menstrual cups and am hoping I can find something that will work for me.  I bought the Instead softcups and used them for 24 hours with no problems (once I figured out how to remove them--tricky at first!)  Pretty sure I got it in the right place, was not slipping out, I could feel it was behind my pelvic bone where it is supposed to be.  My flow is always really light for the first few days so not much was collecting in cup but I had no leaks.  I noticed some vague crampy feelings but no other discomfort. 

Well, last night the cramping became steadily worse to the point where I had trouble sleeping.  I am lucky enough to normally have little to no cramping.  Sometimes a twinge but never anything disrupting to my life or requiring any medication to manage.  This pain was much worse than any normal cramping I have ever had and I got up at 3 am to remove the softcup so I could sleep.  I have left it out all day today but am still having severe cramps and have been taking Ibuprofen with little relief. 

I have read that sometimes some cramping is experienced at first with new use of a cup, but is it usually this severe?  I had already ordered a Diva Cup because I want to avoid the disposable nature of the softcup.  Now I am worried that the Diva Cup may cause this cramping as well.  Even if the cramping goes away after a few months I'm not sure I could stand it long enough to become accustomed.

Anyone else had experience with such severe cramping?  Will a Diva Cup be better or worse for the cramping?  I know I have to wait til my Diva gets here to know for sure but just wanted to hear some experienced opinions and advice in the meantime.  Thanks!
Tags: cramps, divacup, instead

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