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when to enlist outside help?

last night i put in my small lady cup and felt/heard a suction like never before. it actually gave me cramps. (i'm wondering if it's suctioned around my cervix like others have had happen ... it's never sat this high/i've had this much trouble getting it out)
this morning (i'm on the 3rd day of my cycle) i tried to get it out - could barely reach the stem (cut pretty short), beared down - didnt really help. stopped for a little bit. waited till i had a BM cause i knew that pulls it down a lot, but it was literally too slippery to get out with even my nails. then i went out and got some rubber gloves to hopefully get a better grip, but now it's up even higher - too high to fit both my index finger and thumb up to the base to get a good grip to coax it down. bearing down isnt really helping.
i've read the tags for people who have had this problem so i've been taking breaks to relax, yawning, trying to work with my breathing while bearing down, listening to music, etc.
i have to go to work soon where i wont be able to attempt to get it out more until later tonight.
at this point it has been in for around 15 hours. just wondering people's opinions on when it's time to go and have someone else get it out?
Tags: removal, removal - painful or problems
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