gunpowder_tae (gunpowder_tae) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Questions, cup effect on cycle

I just finished my first cycle with a menstrual cup. This community has been so fantastically helpful for my decision on which cup to use, and other questions, so I thought I'd pose a question directly.

How has using a cup affected the length and weight of your menstrual cycles? My cycles are usually between five to seven days, counting from first to last blood. I use about four pads or tampons during the day, with another for overnight, not always filling each one. Every third or fourth cycle is a bit heavier, with painful cramps.

I had twinging cramps this last cycle, but I can contribute them to my body's reaction to the cup. What's weird is my period was only about four days this time. I can't tell if it was lighter or heavier than normal, but it seemed to be towards the lighter end of what's usual. (I can't tell because it was so easy! I've never been this happy about my period before.)

Any ideas of whether the lighter period was due to the cup? I haven't had such a short cycle since I was on birth control pills, (I haven't taken BC in about a year).
Tags: cramps, first time use, polls
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