Cristina (xgirasolx) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Moon Cup- for sale

Hey all,
I have a moon cup (I am fairly certain it is the larger size) I won it in an online contest and tried it once and hated it, I now have a Diva which is perfect for me. It is boiled and sanitized and ready to find a new home. I love to be able to offer it just at cost of shipping, but health problems are creating a financial strain right now. 25 plus shipping please? Or best offer. It has the original bag.

I don't have paypal unfortunately (just moved, still getting settled with bank and all) so I'm not sure how to do this best. I am in Montpelier, VT. I'm not sure how money orders work, but I want you to feel safe and will do my best to find a way. I have an old e-bay account, you can see I am legit, and I've been on here forever.

Thank you ladies. I just want it to find a home since I don't use it.

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