starchips (starchips) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Color in cups

I'm wondering about colored cups. Are they as healthy as the clear cups?
We all know that cups are a lot more healthy for your body than tampons. But when color is added to a cup it is another ingredient in the cup. The silicone the cup is made of is not harmful to your body in any way that I'm aware of, so what I'm wondering is, is that the case for the coloring too? What are the color made of, does it make a difference, are the colored Ladycups better than the colored Lunette or Miacup?

When I started researching cups I thought all cups were clear and boring, but then I discovered the Ladycups in lots of different gorgeous colors and got very excited. But then the question above came to mind and I decided that I'd probably be more comfortable with a clear one.
Does anyone have any thoughts about this? :)
Tags: health risks
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