Jamie (xaandria) wrote in menstrual_cups,


Went to boil my DivaCup and small LadyCup after the end of my cycle, then was called for a phone interview that lasted about an hour.

Yup. Being terribly distracted, I let my precious cups boil dry, and now they are both ruined. Not to mention the pot I was boiling them in (less of a loss, since it was a $1 pot from Salvation Army).

Sob sob. I have another Diva on order, but replacing the small LadyCup is not an option at this point due to reduced funds (it costs a lot to buy them and have them shipped to the US).

Sooo...is there anyone on here in the US who has a new or slightly used small LadyCup they'd be willing to sell me at a discounted rate, or trade for a VERY slightly used (one day of one cycle) large LadyCup? Or possibly another small cup of another brand? Having a smaller cup isn't a direct NEED, but I like having it on my lighter days and wearing it leading up to my period, since the Diva is a smidge long and the large LadyCup is too wide at the brim to make wear and removal comfortable for me.

Fudgeknuckles. And the interview didn't even go that well, either.

Edit: I now have a lovely trade in the works, thanks so much! Let this post be a warning to all, don't let your cups boil dry! They crack and become useless and make you sadface.

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