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Question about the Fleurcup - large or small?

Hi, everyone! =)
This is the first time I'm posting here, but I've been reading a loooot the last couple of days about menstrual cups and I love how much information and feedback there is here - so useful!

So, after reading everything I could about all the brands available, pros & cons, I decided to get the Fleurcup as my first one - I liked all comments about it and the price is pretty good compared to the others. The big question is - which size should I get? I'm 22, no kids, but as far as I understood the flow & position of the cervix are more important..

1) I can't really tell whether my flow is medium or heavy - my period is pretty long (7-8 days), but it's heavier only the first 3 days  - I need to change my O.B. 'normal' tampons every 3-4 hours,and usually during the second day there are a few hours (6-8) when I need to change them every 1.5-2 hours. Does that seem like a heavy flow? I really don't want to get a small cup and then to turn out, it fills up really quickly! :(

2) But getting a cup that's just too big to fit doesn't seem good either, this is embarrassing...I tried to find my cervix to see whether it's positioned low or high, after reading where it should be, what it should feel like, luck, I can't seem to find  it! I think it's positioned to the left though - when I insert my middle finger, I feel that the first 2 inches are just walls, nothing there, and after that my finger can move freely to the right, but I feel a barrier to the left - I can't really feel it, because the deeper I get, the narrower stuff seem, so I can't 'explore' the area really. Can that be it?
Should I wait for my period (I'm about 1 week before my period now) and then look for it? Sorry for the lame explanation, I got so confused lol!
If it's about 2 inches away, is that enough to get the large Fleurcup?

Aaand that's about it for now, I'm sorry for the long post, thanks so much in advance to anyone who would have the patience to read it & help in any way! <3
Tags: cervix position, fleurcup, sizes/size issues

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