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second cup questions...moving on up!

Hey y'all—I haven't posted maybe for a couple of years, because I was so gosh-darn happy with my little Lunette. And I still am. She's just the best. But...I guess I'm getting the wandering eye, because of all these new colored cups, because I'm thinking of getting another one! Just can't decide which--

The parameters are short and sweet: I love my Lunette but want something to get me through an overnight without having to get up.

BUT I hear that Lunette 2 is significantly stiffer and not as squershy, which, honestly, is why I love Lunette 1. So what's the next best thing--these LadyCups, but I hear they're slippery and hard to remove? And what is with those little buttress-like bumps they have?

The considerations: I do have, yeah, a short twat. Also, it's kinda sensitive/thin-skinned (like its owner, I guess). And finally, I have endometriosis, which causes a lot of pain in the cul-de-sac anyway, and I think the Lunette has worked out so well for me precisely because of its softness/being squishy. So whatever I get, I want it to have more than a 20 ml capacity, but not stick out; and not have any weird bumps/writing/ridges which are going to hurt me; and not be stiff as a board.

What's the new cup for me? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? :o) You women are like this genius brain-trust of knowledge, so there's no place else I would consider consulting first! Thanks to you all for existing--and happy springtime--
Tags: endometriosis, lady cup, lunette, sizes/size issues

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