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Cleaning Questions.

Those who replied to my questions a few months ago may remember that I was thinking about getting a Fleurcup. So, after pondering for a while (and forgetting about it in the meantime, chrm...) I finally ordered my cup today! ^___^

I still have a few questions regarding the cleaning-in-public issues.
Since I have a very sensitive vagina that tends to get yeast infections easy and all the gross irritations that come with perfumed stuff, I kind of shy away from wipes (the ones I can get in the local stores, I'd have to order any kind of cup-related wipes over the internet and I don't really want to do that); I don't know if I'm being over-paranoid, but since it says on the pack "not for internal use", I guess that involves the cleaning of menstrual cups as well. Am I right? 
But anyway, I assume it would be okay to just rinse it with still mineral water in the stall and put it back in?

As for boiling: I see a lot of information on menstrual cups that says you should boil with distilled water to prevent chalky deposits, but is this really necessary? Normal water should do the trick, too, right? 

And finally: Is it okay to just boil the cup once at the beginning and once at the end of my cycle and just rinse it with water during the week or would that be unhygienic and cause smell, stains, anything like that? 



Thanks for the answers everyone and for sharing your cup-cleaning-routine ^__^ I guess you can pick up lots of useful tips just hearing what others do and all, so thanks for helping me out here.
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