xntrick (xntrick) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Newish User issues

Hello all. Err...I suppose this isn't the sort of thing I'm used to "talking" about in a public forum. But here goes...

I recently found out about cups and, feeling sick and tired of that *gushing* feeling I get on my heavy flow days went out and bought a Diva Cup. I immediately tried it out towards the end of my period and had the panicky hours of my many attempts to remove it.

So I put the cup aside afterwards and thought that maybe I should try it a different time. It's been on my mind though, and yesterday, in the middle of my 3rd non-period week, I decided to dry run it. No issues. Until removal. Again. I'm finding that it isn't about being unable to reach the cup. I can feel the stem and pushing it out a little let's me get to the bottom of the cup. However, getting a good grip on the cup is another thing altogether. It's SO SLIPPERY. Is that a really weird thing?

I had gotten the larger cup and I'm now wondering if I should've gotten a smaller one if only because I'm not getting the feeling that the cup is opening in there. Could my cup be extra slippery because it's not opening properly and it's getting completely coated in cervical fluids?

*sheepish* I'm feeling pretty stupid right now.
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