queenfirelizard (queenfirelizard) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Butterfingers during insertion attempt; sterilization

Second cycle using a cup, and I got my period this afternoon at the office.  I was "prepared" in that I was wearing a cloth pantyliner "just in case," but for some reason had decided not to put the cup in "just in case" this morning.  So I got my cup out, rinsed it at the bathroom sink, went to a stall to put it in, origami-folded it...and it flew out of my hand and bounced around on the bathroom floor.  Ew.  Pulled pants back up, went to the first aid cabinet, got an alcohol wipe, wiped the cup down thoroughly, rinsed it off *again*, went back to bathroom, and tried again.

So insertion was successful the second time, but can someone please reassure me that the "5 second rule" applies to cups that are dropped on the bathroom floor and/or that I sterilized it adequately before putting it in and didn't need to boil it to death first or whatever?  Should I boil it when I get home before reinserting?
Tags: cleaning - public, teething troubles

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