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New Lunette Color Announced (Finally!)

In case some of you don't follow Lunette on Facebook, here is what they just announced:

Lunette Menstrual Cup:
Our new colored cup will be limited edition like Selene was (yes, we have run out of it) and we start selling them on 1st of April.

The new color will be light green and it’s called Diana. In Roman mythology Diana, goddess of the moon and of the hunt, was also a goddess of the woodlands. That’s the reason we want to celebrate this beautiful light green, which reminds us of spring and peaceful Finnish forest, with her name.

We will also get the FDA approval for Selene (and Diana) and it means that we will make a new batch of Selenes more so women in USA can also enjoy this beautiful light blue cup! These new Selene cups are coming later in the spring.

Yay green!!! :D
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