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Diva cup suction / removal

Hi All,

What a great site! I am 27, never given childbirth, and I have a Divacup size 1. Like many others, as a first-time user, I am having major issues removing my cup. I have read all of the great suggestions in previous posts: I've bared down, relaxed, taken a bath, tried sitting on the toilet, squatting in the tub, standing up, lying down. It's been over 24 hours now and the cup will literally not budge. When I bare down, the cup's stem hits my pubic bone, so I've been baring down with a finger between the cup and my pubic bone. Even so, the cup will only move an inch or so down and the stem is still about 1.5-2 inches inside my vagina. I can barely grasp the stem and bottom of the cup with my thumb and forefinger, but I can't hold on tight enough to wiggle the cup. I also can't reach the rim with my longest finger. I've tried pushing along the side of the cup with a finger to break the seal but the cup just migrates further up. Maybe I'm not baring down correctly?

Basically, the suction is stronger than me!

I did a 'dry run' the day before and was able to remove the cup, but it was only in for twenty minutes. This time, I put the cup in when I was just starting my period, just minor spotting. I also had intercourse just before insertion, so my vagina was very open and relaxed. The cup went right in and quickly (really quickly!) settled very high up.

I know there are a lot of previous posts about newbie removal, but I've tried so many things and am thinking I'll just have to go to the doctor tomorrow. Sad, because if I can't remove this on my own, I don't know if I'll have the guts to try it again!

Hoping someone can help me out! Thanks! I do appreciate the site -- it's kept me from panicking these last 24 hours.
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