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First-Time Buyer & User

After reading up on the cup here, I decided to buy one. I can touch my cervix, so I wouldn't consider myself extremely deep. I did, however, purchase the DivaCup, Model 1. I received my Diva in the mail a few days before my period was supposed to start, and since I use NuvaRing as birth control, I tried it with the Ring in, too.

Of course, the first time was kind of strange. I had a little trouble figuring out the positioning, since I'm used to tampons(the higher, the better.. lol). Twice, the Diva ended up too high, and I couldn't reach it. I freaked out the first time, hopped on here and began reading what others had to say about that. After calming down, I tried the most common suggestions, and it came out easily. The second time wasn't bad, because I knew what to do. Obviously, I was placing the cup too high when I inserted it. After playing with the positions and different folds, I finally found the correct position.

And now, I have to tell everyone that I've been converted. I'm not really squeamish about blood, but having my fingers around my menses wasn't all that appealing. So far, for me, it's been cleaner than tampons. I love it! I haven't had a single leak, and I've worn light colored panties, to be certain. That's amazing! My tampons would leak after a couple hours, and pads were always messy.

My normal period would last for 5-7 days and I would have cramps throughout, with maybe a cramp-free day or two at the end. This period was awesome! I just went back on my birth control, and my birth control never solved the cramps. My period, this time, has lasted about 5-6 days. I had horrible cramps for one day, and have had none since. After getting the hang of my flow, I can honestly say that I only have to empty my cup once a day. It never reached the half-way point, so I could go longer, but I would imagine it might start to smell if I did that.

So, anyways... You've got another anti-tampon convert! As far as the fit of the Diva, it's a little on the large side. A smaller one would probably offer a bit more comfort, but I barely feel it at all since I cut the entire stem off. I tried turning it inside out when I first used it, but I found it very difficult to get a grip on it for removal. I will probably stick with the Diva for quite sometime, before considering a different cup, seeing as it seems to work beautifully, and it's not uncomfortable enough to warrant a replacement. =)
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