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Need help choosing a cup (or two).

Hey everyone! I have been lurking here for a while and I am excited to finally be able to order my first cup (yay, tax return!) and I'd like a little help choosing.

So here are my stats:
I am 21 (almost 22) years old. I have two children (hence not a virgin). I would say I have a medium flow. I've never really used tampons (too uncomfortable) so I can't really go by that, but I usually need to change an Always super absorbent pad about twice in a 24 hour period (maybe three times on a heavy day).
I had a baby 8 weeks ago so I have not started my period again yet, but I started up again around 8 weeks with my first child (while exclusively breast-feeding) so I want to be prepared for it to start again soon.
I just had my postpartum exam yesterday. I told my doctor that I was planning on ordering a menstrual cup and asked him to let me know whether he thought my vaginal canal was long or short or average in his opinion. He had never heard of menstrual cups so I explained a little about them and he seemed positive about the idea. Anyways after the exam he said he thought I was "average" down there. I know, not super helpful. I've always thought I was a little short. I can feel the first part and up to the opening of my cervix when I insert my middle finger (not sure where it is while I'm on my period since I have not had a period in a long time). My fingers are pretty short, so my estimate is about 2 inches from the opening to the first part of my cervix. I have tried Instead cups and they just don't work for me. They tend to "pop" out from behind my pubic bone and start sliding out. So I am thinking that I am a bit short, but maybe not?

I have been doing a lot of research and am thinking I will get 2 cups. I am leaning towards a Meluna (not sure which size) and either a Miacup, LadyCup, or Lunette (again not sure on the size). So what do all you cup experts think? Feel free to suggest any cups I have not mentioned. I am open to any suggestions.
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