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interesting first time dry run...

Well, I have now officially "used" a cup, and am not yet sure how I feel about it. I originally ordered a small ladycup, as I am on the small side, which has yet to arrive for some reason, and then ordered a large Lunette after looking at the sizes and getting a little worried the ladycup would be way too small. I figure even if I am way off with one of them, it's good to have options, right? 

The Lunette arrived today, and I immediately went to give it a go...ouch! It kind of hurt going in, which may just be me tensing up, and then it opened right up and I thought "hey that wasn't so bad"....and then I had a very uncomfortable sensation of pressure and thought perhaps I'd gotten it up too high and it was pushing on my cervix. After about ten minutes I had to take it out, and found that it was so high up I could barely grasp the tab with my fingers. Is that too high? 

I can't tell how long my vagina seems long, I can't ever reach my cervix, but then I just really can't tell. I still have a bit of discomfort, so maybe if I let it go a day or two I can give it another try. I am definitely going to look for the "skinniest" fold and try that. I do know I am on the small side as far as vaginal "entryway" goes. I am in my mid-thirties, no kids, married, lots of sexual experiences, and still sometimes sex feels like the first time. My husband agrees I am small, but not abnormally so.

So that's my first time so far. I am not giving up! But I am a little concerned it might not work for me in the long run. We will see. I am hoping that when I am actually menstruating things will loosen up a bit, as they tend to do.

Thanks folks, it really helps to have a community out there to relate all this to!
Tags: dry run, lunette, sizes/size issues

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