nickelshoe (nickelshoe) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Insteads: Capacity and Removal

So my period snuck up on me yesterday at work.  Luckily, I found an Instead Cup in my coat (although unluckily I had to obviously make a second trip to the bathroom to put it in!).  I usually use a Keeper Moon Cup.  I've got a couple of questions for those who've used both reusable cups and Insteads.

1) OMG does the Instead have a giant capacity.  When I got in the shower and switched out my Instead for my Moon Cup, I poured them into each other and the contents of my small Moon Cup can fit into the Instead two and a half times.  But is this the real capacity?  Insteads are so squishy, like a plastic bag.  Can you actually fill them?  A reusable cup holds its shape, but wouldn't the capacity of the Instead be clobbered by the fact that my vagina is not an open tunnel, so the walls would push into the bag?  

2) From time to time, I see people post that removal of Insteads in more difficult than removal of reusable cups.  And it confuses me.  I mean, I just stick my finger in, hook it under the rim, and pull it out.  But--for those of you who consider Insteads difficult to remove--does that actually mean difficult to remove non-messily?  Because I've only used Insteads a few times, and never on a heavy day, so I was a little surprised when my menstrual blood just poured out all over my hand.  (And I put my Moon Cup in a punchdown fold for removal, so I'm used to spillage.)  If so, then that makes sense.  And are there any tips for making it less messy?  I know the manufacturers recommend grabbing a wad of toilet paper to soak up the mess, but I'm pretty sure I spilled it on myself before I actually got it out of my vagina.  Is it just a matter of figuring out the right angle?
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