organicchef (organicchef) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Another "is this ok?" question

a question about non-period cup use and non-period pain/cramps.

I've been having some increased discharge this week- not thick, not cottage cheese, not horribly smelly, just smells like vagina. I expect my period around the 20th of this month. Pantyliners irritate my skin, but this has been enough to really kinda soak panties. So yesterday I put in my smallest, most comfortable cup. It did the job, and was 1/3 full after the 8-10 hr it was in. I left it out overnight and this morning, with the intention of wearing it again after I take a shower and get ready to go to work later today. The problem is, for the last 2 hr before removing it and still overnight and this morning, I've been having unusually ferocious cramps and aches in the vaginal region. I had BV back in December, it cleared up without treatment (took too long to get to the doctor, by the time I had my appointment it was almost gone). Don't know if it is related or no.

So do you think this is related to cup use, or just maybe a weird ovulation? Should I avoid using the cup to collect discharge for now? I don't have enough cloth pads/liners to really be practical, and only the nice PIMPS ones work for this anyway- the ones I make as light panty-protectors don't have a waterproof layer, so they soak through with this amount.
Tags: continuous use, cramps

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